This is how DHL Express works and instruction how to store your caviar

We welcome all orders, large and small.

When you order, we have slightly different shipping costs depending on how much you choose to shop. If you enter your address, DHL Express will calculate a delivery price for you. The delivery is free when you order over 200 Euro.
Delivery usually takes place within 24-48 hours in Europe. This depending on holidays and weekends. This applies to orders placed between Monday and Wednesday. Other days of order will be sent on the first working day of the week.
The packages are delivered with DHL express in special thermal boxes with icepacks inside for the correct temperature. You will receive a personal email/SMS from us with delivery updates and when your delivery is expected to be delivered. Don't forget to ad any entrance codes and other good information so you can get your delivery directly to the door. If the courier doesn't get to your door, they're going to deliver the next working day or to one of their pick-up stations for you to pick up yourself.

The goods must be placed in the refrigerator at a temperature of -2 to +4 degrees immediately after receiving the goods and then always store really cold -2 to +4 degrees. Caviar cannot be stored frozen. When the caviar tins are opened, it lasts 2-3 days in the fridge. Always serve your caviar well chilled with ice and if you are going to bring your caviar to the countryside, it is important that you have a cooler bag with ice to transport your caviar. All other products you buy from us are stored according to the storage instructions that you can find on labels or on our website.