Salmon Roe Gorbusha Wild Alaska
Salmon Roe Gorbusha Wild Alaska

Salmon Roe Gorbusha Wild Alaska

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Salmon Roe The best Salmon roe sourced from the crystal-clear cold waters of Alaska can guarantee a superior quality in texture, flavour and colour.

The manner in which this precious product is processed at ANNA Dutch is decisive to the quality of the roe. Only through working by hand, we respect and feel the characteristics of this natural product. The individual steps of processing our roe are carried out with great care and under compliance with the highest quality and hygiene requirements.

We have gone even further by challenging our caviar masters to develop the best roe-preparation without neither preservatives nor pasteurization.

Salmon roe (Oncorhynchus) Pink / Gorbusha Bright orange Egg size: 4-5 mm Packaging: 50g, 220g, 500g Origin: Sustainably Caught Wild Alaska Production: The Netherlands Origin: Candada. Lat. name: Oncorhynchus Pink / GorbushaFAO-alpha - 3 kode : TRR

Shelflife: 28 days from production.

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The secret of the best Caviar

In our farm our fish has the same diet as the wild sturgeon in the Caspian Sea.